Magnetic Bookmarks ‘Summer’ Collection


  • Set of 5 different designs
  • 5cm x 5cm when folded
  • Printed onto photo paper with a satin coating
  • Suitable for ANY book!


These are the perfect bookmarks for all sorts of books and notebooks.  This set is designed with some summer themed colours – red, blue and yellow, but of course they work all year round!  Really handy if you like having several books on the go, or want to mark multiple pages in your diary.  They are also really helpful if you like marking multiple places in a bible and they work well as page tabs.  They have a shiny textured feel to them and feel sturdy and durable.


Each bookmark contains a small magnetic strip inside and will comfortably hold tight over 1 page.  In my bible they can manage up to 3 pages.


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